• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump: I Alone Will Steal Them!

by Noah

I can't picture Traitor Don lifting a box and carrying it to a truck. It's safe to say he's never done anything remotely like that in his life. It's hard to imagine him even packing anything but the fact that reports indicate that he did personally and secretly pack our Top Secret documents by himself clearly shows a consciousness of guilt. He knew he was taking stuff he knew he was forbidden to take. He was deliberately endangering our national security. None of his possible motives are good. All of them indicate traitorous intent. None of this should surprise anyone. It was evident from the moment he declared his candidacy in 2015 and the Republican Party saw what he was and said "That's for me!"

Trump may have stolen those documents all by himself but he had a huge support system called the GOP. They nominated him. They backed him all through his term, they still back him, and they make sure we know that every time they rush to the microphone to tell us. His treachery is their treachery. To them, it is still very much a team effort.

If Traitor Don is ever to be punished, properly punished to the max, it would take all of us to somehow force the money grubbing paws of Washington to do so. They've had their chances and they have failed, deliberately. They are counting on us to leave it to them like we've always done. That's how Nixon got to live out his days sunning himself on the beach at San Clemente. Do you want a future that includes a Manchurian Traitor of a president walking around free, cheating at golf on his Mar-a-Lago course until the glorious day that he whines his last whine about 2020 being stolen from him and finally keels over on his 13th hole? I hope that, when that great "making the world a better place" moment comes, he's alone then, too, seen only by a couple of large gators who see him as a meal.