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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump And 3 Henchmen

by Noah

Sure, we all hear tales of Trump and McConnell not liking each other but Washington is not only a massive laboratory for corruption in all of its forms, it is also the number one source of hot air bullshit in the country if not the world. McConnell and Trump hate each other? Nope. The proof is in the pudding and one need look no further than how McConnell whipped his GOP $enate cronies into voting to not remove Trump, as evil and dangerous to this country and everyone in it as he is, from office, and, as much as they knew he planned to be "president for life." The end result of McConnell's monstrous treachery is the continuing chaos that we are seeing on a daily basis. For that, McConnell is as at fault as his supposed "enemy." And, no, it's not just politics, it's supporting a traitor to democracy itself and Moscow Mitch has violated his oath to protect the Constitution. Moscow Mitch has always been and is now a co-conspirator. Enemy of Trump? Don't make me laugh. Even now, Moscow Mitch is supporting the efforts of state legislators to make it easy for his guy to return to power. Moscow Mitch earned the name Moscow Mitch and will wear it for eternity. This week, he is leading his $enators in a plan to not vote to raise the debt ceiling. Why? The answer is more than obvious. He knows that not raising the debt ceiling will crash the economy and cost this country 6,000,000 jobs. 6,000,000! The #1 result of the ensuing economic chaos that he dreams of is that his man Trump will then be able to move back into the oval office. No doubt Moscow Mitch is hoping to earn a "Hero Of The Russian Federation" medal from Putin, too.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a walking talking loudmouth venue for whatever the latest Q conspiracies are, at least has been totally out in the open about where he stands. He is four square, proudly the captain of a team of traitorous Trump fanatics. I need not mention their names. We know who and what they are. Shortly after the Republican Party's attempted 1/6 coup d'etat, McQarthy made one statement that could be perceived by the naive to be critical of his master. Since then, he has repeatedly proven that he's a "Viva la nutjob revolution" guy. He's not even trying to be as duplicitous as Moscow Mitch. He knows he could never top that! I doubt he could even top Susan Collins.

Mike Pence? He could have, at any time led an attempt to remove Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. Instead, all we ever saw from Mike Pence was his adoring gaze as he stood, figuratively and literally, behind the goon of his affection. It's easy to see what a tormented soul he is and has no doubt been all of his life. Excuse me if I have no sympathy whatsoever for this bizarre creature. Sympathy for such people only gives them misplaced support. Even on the day before his dream lover's attempted coup d'etat, he was so morally challenged that he had trouble deciding what he was going to do the next day. He was looking for a way to please his master. He had no idea what to do when all he had to do was read the Constitution. Faced with the situation he was in, any one of us would have done the right thing without a second thought. If any of us were of lesser certitude, we would have at least sought out the advice of someone smarter than ourselves. Do you want to know how smart Mike Pence is? He called Dan Quayle, a man who is easily the dumbest Vice President of our lifetimes, even dumber than Spiro Agnew and that's sayin' something. Quayle, dumb as he is, was smarter and much more of a patriot than Pence. He told Pence there was no choice in the matter. He actually had to tell him! As much as Pence clearly wanted to assist Trump in setting up a dictatorship, he had to follow the law. Obviously reluctant, he did so and he did so while the mob sent by his boss was hunting for him with the aim of hanging him by the neck until dead right on the Capitol lawn.

So I'm not interested in the whispers and on or off the record statements from any Republican anywhere no matter whom they work for. Anyone who says any one of the three asswipes standing behind their boy in the picture above is just blowing smoke up your ass. It's nothing but color and marketing deception meant to buy time. In the world of Washington, words are the toys of lies and deception. Only the bottom line results should count. The bottom line is that these three scumbags standing behind their Dear Leader could have rid the nation of Trump on multiple occasions and they chose not to because, no matter what they may say to others, and what others may allege that they really think behind closed doors, they like him just fine. They could even have spoken out at any time since their Orange Menace To Society was voted out. We can see that for ourselves if we want to.

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