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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Thinking Nice Thoughts About Manchin & Sinema

by Noah The scum always rises. If it isn't already, that should be the motto on the door to the $enate chamber. The above cartoon illustrates a lot about the not so manly essence of the morally bankrupt Joe Manchin. However, I have a small list of jobs that I would like to see Joe Manchin in: 1. Lab rat at Merck. 2. Coal Miner in a West Virginia mine with creaky tunnel supports. 3. Crash test dummy at a Russian auto factory. 4. Unexploded bomb defuser. 5. Piñata at my next birthday party. And as for you Kyrsten "Look At Me" Sinema, I know that, among all $enators, you're probably the reigning #1 attention whore. God forbid there might be anyone even worse. You've made even Lindsey Graham throw his tiara to the ground in frustration. I wouldn't want you to think your pathological and obsessive efforts had gone for naught. I suppose I could pull wishes for you from the exact same list as above but I know how you crave the spotlight like a junkie joneses for a dime bag of smack. So, Kyrsten "Circus Clown" Sinema, spotlight it is, a real close one at full power. Real real close. To the point where you're screaming "I'm melting! I'm melting!"

Postscript: Sigh, the only legal thing left to do about the anti-humanity 2-headed monster that is Manchin & Sinema (and the like) is for the so-called Democratic Party (as opposed to the outright Nazi Party) to elect a big enough majority that contains enough progressive senators so that people like Manchin & Sinema become completely irrelevant even if they are still soiling seats in the place and trying to suffocate the voters outside across America. Fat chance since that is something that Chucky Schumer and his owners are not about to favor. They'd rather lose the majority altogether and still maintain at least a place in line at the trough. So we're left waiting for a whole generation of old stale farts that adhere to ancient ways of thinking based in greed, complacency and lust for power and recognition to die off. Problem is way too many Americans accept half measures and things that amount to bullshit platitudes and will die due to such political malfeasance before then or they will just plain give up. Until then, we will continue to be thrown just enough little bones or pieces of those little bones so that we don't band together and take meaningful action against them.

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