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Midnight Meme Of The Day! They Can't Handle The Truth

by Noah

So one lone Republican representative spoke the truth. It happens. Not often but... One lone Republican. One very imperfect one to say the least. Lots of people (non-Republicans) are patting Liz Cheney on the back but Cheney is playing the long game. She's hoping the insanity blows over and she'll be around to pick up the pieces. That's a tough bet. Insanity doesn't go away without force and the Democratic Party never seems to have the stomach for that. It took a lot of Dresdens to cure the insanity of Germany and it's insanity was more or less the same as the way today's Domestic Terror Party is going. I'm also reminded of the story of the scorpion and the frog (google it, if you have to).

In a room full of crazies, the sane one does not get to be King, or, in this case, Queen. For now, it comes down to this: Liz Cheney appears too articulate, intelligent, honest, and sane, even if she is a conservervative, for a party of delusional nazis and subversive, pea-brained knuckle-draggers. Ironically, Liz's father, and all of those who did nothing to stop him, helped create the evil monstrosity that her party is today. So, the father ended up leaving behind a 13-year trap for the daughter. But, remember, apples never fall from the tree.

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