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Midnight Meme Of The Day! There Was A Time When Corporate America Didn't Sponsor Treason

by Noah

There's such a thing as a loyal opposition. That's fine. Unfortunately, what we have in FOX "News" is a propaganda arm of a disloyal opposition. Rupert Murdoch's minions haven't just crossed the line into traitor world, they have acted as if they are olympians trying for a new world record in the broad jump or pole vaulting. Take a good look at the traitors depicted in the above cartoon. They are operating their treason completely in the open and they are paid excessively well by corporate America to do so.

Once upon a time, corporate America fought for America or at least pretended to believe in America's ideals, instead of for its foreign and domestic adversaries, not that corporate America didn't like making a profit while doing so. Yes, there were exceptions like Henry Ford who was among the early and fervent supporters of Adolf Hitler but an end was put to that and Germany had to build their own Army trucks. One look at FOX "News" programming will show you that all pretense is gone. Now corporate America actively supports the open treason of FOX "News" by advertising on the shows put on by the Murdoch family's traitor squad. All you have to do, if you can stomach it, is turn on FOX and see which companies are sponsoring what amounts to a cold war against this country.

During WW2, there was Lord Haw-Haw (aka William Joyce) who broadcast from Germany to England's citizens and our troops stationed there in an effort to get them to come over to the Nazi side, but, Lord Haw-Haw, like Tokyo Rose in the South Pacific, was not broadcasting from American soil and he certainly was not receiving the endless benefits and corporate largess of endless waves of corporate advertising. In fact, Lord Haw-Haw was eventually caught, tried, and executed, and rightly so. There were several women known as Tokyo Rose but the main one, Iva Toguri, an actual American marooned in Japan during the war, was eventually captured, tried, and convicted. She served several years of a prison sentence before she was eventually pardoned by, wait for it... Gerald Ford. I doubt that Lord Haw-Haw and Tokyo Rose ever so much as dreamed of being able to operate within our borders and make millions doing so. You wanna deport someone? Put any undocumented immigrants in your town aside and worry about the traitors working at FOX.

Nowadays, if you even take just a brief look at FOX "News," you will realize that we drive around in, buy, and ingest the products of corporations that sponsor FOX's treason; cars, medications, fast food... all of them, not just Pillow Loon Mike Lindell. From the suspect Jamie Dimons that loan money to our corporations down to their products that we use, treason is completely embedded in our daily lives. For sure, it's a complex issue but the line should be drawn somewhere and Newscorp's FOX "News" and their friends is a good place to start. So would be the FOX board of directors. Former House Speaker and GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan is one of those. In addition to Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, and Paul Ryan, their names are William A. Burck (Defense lawyer specializing in white collar crime and regulatory issues and former counsel to George W. Bush), Chase Carey (Chairman of Formula 1), Anne Dias (Aragon Global Holdings), Roland A. Hernandez (Hernandez Media Ventures), and Jacques Nasser.



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