• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! There Was A KKrooKed Judge...

by Noah ...on the bench in a KKangaroo Kourt. 1. Judge Bruce Schroeder says victims of the accused shooter can't be called victims by the state prosecution team while he allows those victims to be referred to as arsonists and looters by the defense team. The perception of the trial being fair and even-handed fell apart right there. 2. Judge Bruce Schroeder's ringtone plays Trump Rally and 1/6 attempted coup theme in court at least twice. Nice to know where he stands on issues involving race. 3. Judge Bruce Schroeder removes gun charge at last minute when prosecution team can't object. However this case turns out, the judicial concept of "3 Strikes-You're Out" should be applied to Judge Bruce Schroeder ASAP. Judge Bruce Schroeder has continually acted as part of the Kyle Rittenhouse defense team. Judge Bruce Schroeder was appointed by a Democratic Governor of Wisconsin back in 1983 but let's not forget that, also back in the 1980s, Donald Trump was a Democrat. Schroeder has repeatedly won reelection ever since, if only because he has always run unopposed. Regardless, it is clear that he has turned the Rittenhouse case into a sick circus and doesn't give one damn what the public thinks of this farce that he has created by laughing at the idea of judicial impartiality. If Rittenhouse gets off, as appears likely barring a small miracle of human decency, expect an endless stream of copycat killers all across this country, to the cheers of republicans everywhere.