• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Return Of Jesus Will Not End Well

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

I have always assumed that, after what happened the last time, it's safe to say that if Jesus ever returns, he will, whether he has a new ethnic background or not, again be seen as a threat to the evangelist crowd and those of the powermad caste who associate with them. He will be a threat to "the money" once again. The idea that Jesus is real and not merely a construct designed to make money and help establish power over others will be way too much for the movers and shakers of the religion business to bear. Jesus Redux will then be simultaneously both crucified and electrocuted as an ironic and unintended artistic statement about how much humankind has progressed in the last 2000 years. New tech, same shit. The whole thing will be sponsored on TV by power companies, a thirst-quencher, and a nail gun manufacturer. This "modern day passion play" will be unveiled in a great ceremony after 12 religious and political leaders vie for the prize of getting to throw a large oversized switch. The sparks will fly and the piece will be called The Arc Of The Covenant.

The perps of such a theatrical event should be forewarned however: If they try to electrocute Jesus Redux in Texas, the switch will be thrown, the infamous Texas grid will fail, Jesus will live, the whole thing will be advertised as a miracle by a new group of hucksters and another 2000 years of nonsense will start all over again. The new crew of hucksters will adopt the motto "Make Religion Great Again."