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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Ongoing Farce Of Republican Logic

by Noah

Maybe Trump really does have an imaginary friend like the one depicted in the cartoon. After all, in real life he used to have his imaginary alterego publicist, John Baron make calls to the media for him. Such fakery on Traitor Don's part is still embraced by the Republican Party. It's also worked for their fellow Nazis at FOX-Goebbels! It's what we normal people call the Big Lie. It's what Republicans call "Alternative Facts." "Big Lie" or "Alternative Facts," same thing. Always remember, to Republicans, "truth isn't truth." It's how they bend reality itself! Don't forget, Dear Leader weighs only 215, right? And 1/6 never happened, guns don't kill people, and there's a certain beer that will turn you gay or trans or something. Not to worry, you can always get back to your old self just by injecting some Lysol or Clorox!

An acknowledgement: I don't always get to read the comment sections in a timely manner, (too much multitasking) but I do try. For whatever reason, I guess more people like the old school method of just sending emails and those do pile up a bit. I guess most people like the less public route. I have a former colleague who's noticed the same thing. That's what happens when you have an old email addy. Anyway, I'd be remiss if I did not let reader Jesse Salisbury know that his comments get a notable amount of positive recognition/appreciation from those who write to me.


Jesse Salisbury
Jesse Salisbury
Sep 20, 2023

appreciate the compliments folks. A trail of breadcrumbs got me here. Started with Randi Rhodes (and her chat room). that led me to Nicole Sandler -(and her chat room) that led me to Howie Klein and of course you Noah and the cast of characters that grace the comments section (even that crappy guy who shall not be named). keep up the good work. ( ITS MUCH APPRECIATED )


Sep 19, 2023

trump just needed someone to beat the shit out of him repeatedly when he was a kid.

and he's needed someone willing to put a rich man into prison for committing crimes for the past 59 years.

he was definitaly born in the right shithole at the right moment in time to really "go" somewhere.


Noah, you can add me to the list of readers who appreciate Jesse's contributions in the comments section. Good man. That goes for you, too.


Noah I always eagerly look forward to your midnight memes. They are great!

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