Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Most Toxic Voice Of The GOP?

by Noah

Poor Kremlin Kevin McKarthy! He's tap dancing as fast as he can, trying to be the ultimate voice of the Domestic Terror Party. It's hard trying to be a great white hope. He wants so much to be Speaker that he would ruthlessly and eagerly support policies designed to utterly destroy the country and kill 10,000,000, no, 15,000,000 Americans if it got him there. Just a few days ago, he "joked" about smacking Nancy Pelosi with the Speaker's gavel if he ever got his dream job. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised since he voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Hey, of course he did. He's a republican. He's very aware that voting yes on such a piece of legislation would ruin both his reputation within his party and his chances for advancement as well. Hell, the Proud Boys would burn his house down, at Trump's direction no doubt. His fantasy about clubbing Pelosi with a gavel leads me to wonder if he's a wife beater. Would I be surprised? Not a bit, and the whole thing takes on extra meaning when one considers that it was his people who were trying to hunt Pelosi down to kill her on 1/6. I have no further questions of Kremlin Kevin at this time. I can see what he is.

Kremlin Kevin McKarthy is being the ultimate ventriloquist dummy for his idol, Trump, aka The Orange Menace To Society, and every one of the other top lunatics in his party. Whatever they say, he pathetically repeats like a parrot within 10 minutes. He'll do whatever they say, too and he's proven it. He went from criticizing the attempted coup to saying nothing happened in less than 24 hours. He is a man of no principles in a world where having no principles is cherished and he longs to be #1. Hence the constant cascade of conflicting statements and ludicrous obfuscations. Most of his colleagues in either party will show at least some small restraint in such things but not Kremlin Kevin! He looks at the most insane kooks of his Domestic Terror Party and, rather than contradict or temper their lunatic statements, he quickly adopts them as his own in a blatant attempt to catapult the insanity of the statements in the service of destruction. The result is the catalog of current GOP bullshit propaganda that you see in tonight's meme. Washington, DC is already a toxic waste dump but for Kremlin Kevin McKathy, that just isn't enough. He wants more and he feeds on the toxicity. Can you imagine being a relative of this cretin?

Additional Thought For The Day: It's not the Delta Variant, folks. It's the MAGA Variant. Call it what it is.