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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Madness And Beatings Will Continue!

by Noah

Happy New Year to most of you! The rest of you know who you are and I just don't believe in wasting my time on personal greetings for shitheads.

So, wasn't 2021 just the most fab year ever? Yeah, Ya think so? Just wait 'til you get a hold of 2022, or should I say, wait 'til 2022 gets a hold of you! Now, tonight, be sure to turn on the telly just before midnight east coast time so you can watch the illuminated Kraken descend to the assembled Omicron-infested crowd as they brew and spread yet another new variant!

2022 gonna be swell, really swell as the good ol' USA descends further and further into an even deeper pool of madness. Prediction: There will be a Jim Jones style event where members of the Republican Fraternity of Q off themselves by drinking a cocktail of ignited flammable cleaning fluids but not before other republicans become snipers and suicide bombers. That's the way it's going, folks. Remember, the Republican Party is the Death Cult Party. Terrorism, massive pollution, guns for mental cases, maximizing the freedom of viruses to procreate and spread to as many vulnerable people as possible... How long before House republicans propose a program of free unlimited ammo for all? That's a form of socialism they can get behind!

Until then, watch that sparkly new James Webb Telescope find life on another planet just as it ends here!

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