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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP's J-6 Anniversary Celebration!

by Noah

Here it is, January 6, 2023, 2 years after the Republican Party's domestic terror assault on the Capitol Building. 2 years after the above pictured QAnon Shaman sat in the Speaker's chair on the dais in the House chamber, repeatedly pounded his spear on the floor and bellowed his mindless gibberish. 2 years later, it seems the Republican Party has found another way to create mayhem and chaos in the Capitol and bring the nation to a halt. Quite a bag of tricks you got there, Repugs! Well done Republicans! Well done!

So, will the House Republicans have selected QAnon Shaman as the Speaker by the time you read this? Who knows? Perhaps the proper answer is, figuratively or literally? What we do know, if we care to admit it, is that they would love to give him the gavel to go along with his spear. Why not? They've already proved that they are one with QAnon Shaman and every Q conspiracy in spirit. They did it on 1/6/21 and they've done it every day since! For obvious reasons, they didn't even want their original J-6 investigated.

The protectors of this current status quo would have us believe that this chaos is only the fault of 20 freakish malcontents but let's get real: Who voted for these freaks? Republican voters. Who supported these freaks with their cash and by campaigning with them? The entire apparatus and infrastructure of their party. Who promoted them, from Trump on down, with free TV time? The corporate media that now tells us this mayhem has really been caused by just 20 freaks, a minority they say!

This is not just 20 freaks who see themselves wearing horns and carrying spears. This is what a whole party of domestic terrorists does. Just take a look at how many of the current House members gave aid and comfort support to their violent mob and voted to overturn the election exactly 2 years ago. Even as recently as our last election day, republicans funded and voted to send 135 winning election deniers to the House. What we've seen this week isn't just 20 freakish malcontented nazis. The 20 are a reflection of the mainstream of today's GOP. The freakish malcontents are just the most vocal vanguard. For some additional perspective, crackpots like Gym Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Elise Stefanik, and Marjorie Traitor Greene aren't even among the 20. They are supporting their Kremlin Kevin McCarthy. Now, we're supposed to think that traitorous goons like McCarthy and Steve Scalise are "the normal guys?" I don't think so!!! McCarthy can play the victim of the 20 freaks but he is, when push comes to shove, no different. What has happened this week was the inevitable consequence of what he and his party have been doing, planning to do, and talking about for years. Be careful what you wish for, Kevin? Win or lose, you got it, dude!

So, if Rudy's pal QAnon is in jail, who gets to be his doppleganger? Maybe by the time you read this, we'll already know. Would the Speaker being in jail even matter? Would it matter to our party of domestic terrorists if the dream of Speaker QAnon Shaman came to fruition? Lots of gangsters have run their mob families from jail so there's a precedent. It can be done! "Too impractical," you say? Well then, how 'bout Rudy himself, or that Sydney Powell wacko, or Hope Hicks, anyone of them donning the same outfit as their shaman pal? Damn, and here Hicks thought she was unemployable after working in the Trump White House! Don't worry, Hope! There's a job for you as House Speaker! Just put on the horns! Here's your spear! What about Mike Lindell? Now there's a thought. Try on the horns, Mike !!! You know Sean Hannity and the whole FOX Goon Squad would approve! Oh wait! I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! Roger Stone!!! Aw, hell, why doesn't every republican on the face of the Earth just go fuck themselves!



Allen Sommerby
Allen Sommerby
Jan 06, 2023

too bad progressive dems never had the balls to #forcethevote on Pelosi instead of kissing her ass for 3 years. Maybe the left could have actually used their power. What a fucking joke ... there is no "left" in america


Jan 06, 2023

and your pussy democraps spend another J-6 anniversary refusing to do "merrick garland" about anyone who did it INCLUDING everyone you're complaining about who:

1) is running for speaker

2) is refusing to vote for #1 and/or who voted to overturn an election

3) is supporting #1 and who voted to overturn an election

and american voters keep electing both burning piles of manure.

defines the shithole in a nutshell.

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