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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP's CPAC Hate Fest Gets Freakier Every Year!

by Noah There they were this past weekend: Republican freaks from around the country assembled at the Marriott Gaylord (Gaylord; ironic, isn't it?) National Resort & Convention Center, just outside of Washington, DC, right on the Potomac River. All the little kooks in Kookville. There had been talk that not as many of those who have chosen the Republikook lifestyle would attend because the man behind the annual nutball assemblage had been charged with some sort of groping scandal. Really? Did people, especially the naive network media pundit class, honestly think that a party of 70 million crackpots that worships the "Grab 'em by the pussy" guy would be offended? Give me a break!!! For them, it was a plus! Hell, Matt Gaetz was one of the speakers! And so they went. Man, sometimes the cattle really do brand themselves! I even saw film of whole families dressed up in Trump shirts and dresses. Some even made their own and brought the kids! It looked like a local mental hospital had let them all out on a day pass. "You all be back by dark, now! Don't let the drag queens get ya!" Remember that gold statue of Dear Leader from CPACs past? That freaky little statue wasn't just there! The freaks in attendance were literally walking up to it and rubbing it, on top of the head as if they hoped to gain some of their golden idols magic hypno powers. Fortunately, they weren't rubbing it anywhere else but, I'm certain that, if anyone contributed 6 figures or more to Ronna Romney McDaniel's GOP fundraising efforts, that gold (fake gold) idol was wheeled into their room for the night. "Say no more! We'll clean it up in the morning! Just return it by 9:00 tomorrow morning!" At this point, I should mention that the above picture is not from this past weekend's CPAC Republikook freakshow but it's real. It's from the CPAC held last August in a hellhole named Dallas, Texas, a place where extreme sociopath "Ted" Cruz is revered, but rest assured, nothing has changed. If anything, the GOP has stepped up its efforts at terrorizing as many groups of non-white male Americans that they possibly can! Even just a few months ago, terrorizing trans youth was just a glimmer in their now dead eyes. Now it's surpassed frenzy status. It's driving the Republican Party like a new lifeforce. Along with that, red state republicans have been stampeding over each other in an effort to be among the first to outlaw dressing in drag in any public space for any reason. Tennessee has come in first on that one which is something I'm sure really pisses off the crazies in godforsaken places like Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Flor-i-duh. But think about this: Republicans are outlawing dressing up in drag in public but, to them, marching through the streets carrying tiki torches and chanting "Jews will not replace us" is just fine and dandy, even encouraged. Of course it is. If you carry the Republican affliction gene, the latter is good. The former is some sort of evil. Freedom of speech and expression is selective with authoritarians right down to the clothes you wear. That's part of the republican brand and it was all being celebrated at CPAC. The hate expressed at CPACs bubbles up throughout the whole Republican Party. We saw that in the violent J-6 coup attempt and we saw it just last week when someone who had gotten the kinds of republican messages expressed at CPAC and through neo-nazi media such as FOX "News" was stopped just before he could carry out his plan to "kill all the Jews in the Michigan government." Leave it to the Marriott Corp. to provide the venue for this kind of thing. I'm old enough to remember when they were big supporters of Nixon and Reagan. The newest CPAC freakshow featured such leading republican kooks as the aforementioned Matt Gaetz plus Marjorie Traitor Greene, Sarah Palin, Steve Bannon, Don Jr. who, despite his own obvious issues referred to a Democratic Senator as "a vegetable." Putin's personal rep Mike Pompeo (Yes, there was plenty of pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine sentiment being expressed), Donnie the Orange Menace to Society himself who gave a deranged, lie-filled, downright messianic keynote speech, and, of course the aforementioned "Ted" Cruz! How could any man who has dedicated every cell of his body to hate like "Ted" Cruz miss the festivities? Not to worry, Dear Leader won the CPAC "Presidential" straw poll once again, proving, as if there was any real doubt at all, that Traitor Don and every little nazi thing he (and they) stand for is still Numero Uno with his party, so much so that Ron "Kinky Boots" DeSantis didn't even bother to show up.



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