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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP's Book Of Morons!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Make that "Binders Full Of Morons!"

Despite media idiots constantly referring to "the post Trump era," Trump is not going away. He is obviously a religious figure to Republicans everywhere whether they stand in front of the microphones and TV cameras in the Capitol Building or lie under rocks all over the country. The lightning fast sales of Traitor Don's "Digital Trading Cards" is all the evidence you need but, even without that, just take a good look at what Kremlin Kevin McCarthy and his MAGA proteges in the House of Representatives are saying and doing every day as they work to defend and deify their Dear Leader.

I can see a near future where Kremlin Kev starts selling the visuals of Dear Leader's "Digital Trading Cards" imprinted on t-shirts to tourists right outside the House chamber. Little gold Trump statues, too! How about snow globes!

Which came first, Trump or the Republican Party. It no longer matters. They are one in the same whether he lives or dies.


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