• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Endless Republican Freakshow

by Noah

Just look at these two Mar-a-lago freaks! The duo of Trump and Matt Gaetz wasn't enough? In Flor-i-duh, apparently everyday is Halloween. These two remind me of that old Twilight Zone episode where everyone considered normal looking has a hideous face that looks like the worst case of plastic surgery gone wildly horribly wrong and people we would all consider beautiful are a shunned tiny minority who want so much to fit in that they beg for the surgery that will make them also look freakishly hideous.

Let me put it another way! These two freaks in tonight's meme may be attending a recent Trump luncheon fundraiser but they look like they're auditioning for a John Waters film, and I bet you thought the Trumpette on the right was Divine and the Trumpette on the left, the one wearing the dress inspired by late 1930's wallpaper and carrying a Trump-emblazoned purse(!), was Divine's biggest fan. Throw in Sarah Huckabee Sanders' eyes and you'd have quite a power trio of freakdom.

Where do they get these people? I know that Flor-i-duh is chock full of them but these two seem excessive even by Flor-i-duh standards! They say there's so much plastic in our food now that we all ingest the equivalent of a credit card every week but these two look like they buy a case of Evian every day just to eat the bottles. Damn, I'd be afraid to be there at any time, but if the lights went out, I'd be terrified.