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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The American Canonization Of Its Stinking Sludge

by Noah

Quite a collection of stone damn freaks. Just look at 'em! All heroes of the Domestic Terror Party. Every single one, and so many others not shown. Maybe one or two will go to jail but it won't be the jail or the term that they deserve. And it certainly won't be the firing squad or the ironic gas chamber they've earned.

I've written about what a farce our so-called justice system is for decades now; going back even before that scumbag Gerald Ford pardoned Crooked Dick Nixon, and, yeah, speaking of so-called justice, Gerry was even involved in the Warren Commission fraud right there with the CIA's Allen Dulles. That one made a big eye-opening impression on me as a youngster. Christ, they even named an airport after Allen's brother, John Foster Dulles, a former Republican Secretary of State and key planner of the 1953 Iran coup and a follow-up one in Guatemala just a year later, not to mention being a forceful instigator of getting us into the Vietnam War. How'd all those things work out? Sure! Great! Name an airport after him! What's next? A Henry Kissinger bridge?

Can you see some airport being named after any of the sicko clowns pictured in tonight's meme? Why not? In America, we have a strange habit of memorializing the stinking sludge that rises to the top. Republicans slimed Washington's National Airport with Reagan's name. There's a Gerald R. Ford Airport, too. It's in Michigan. Kinda makes me wonder why someone didn't just go ahead and name Newark Airport after former democratic and mob mayor Hugh Addonizio or Tampa's after Santo Trafficante. I don't see a Steve Bannon International Airport in the near future but who knows? Maybe in Flor-i-duh or Alabama? Ah, Stinky Steve! But hey, can't you just see Trump dying and a Nazi controlled $enate led by Marjorie Traitor Greene, Moscow Mitch and Herschel Walker passing a bill to rename JFK International after Trump? I can. It's easy. It's exactly where the Republican Party is headed. Correction. It's already there and has been for a long time. They just wanna make sure there's no doubt about it in anybody's mind now.

Nothing has changed and nothing will; evil, human frailty and faulty design assure that we just aren't up to the job. As I always say, Washington protects its own, right Mr. DOJ? That's our "justice system." Those Nixon guys got sentenced to tennis camp for 8 months or whatever it was. What did Giuliani's horned Chewbacca Guy get for 1/6? He got something like "up to 4 years" instead of the proper life sentence or firing squad that every single one of those 1/6 red-hatted Coup Nuts should already be getting? Better yet, spare us the taxpayer expense and airdrop them into the Gulf Of Mexico during the next oil spill. I'll supply the match.

I'll never forget that picture of Nixon's Egil Krogh, another great American sleazebag lawyer, reporting to prison with his tennis racquet under his reeking armpit. Need something more recent? Even someone as heinous as Ghislaine Maxwell got special treatment. She's been moved out of the suitably horrible jail in Brooklyn, NY that's known for specializing in an assortment of maggot toppings with every semi-rancid meal. Now she will serve her sentence teaching yoga and baking cookies in some sort of low security glorified halfway house of a prison in, you guessed it, Flor-i-duh! Damn. She'll be sprung by Don Jr. and selling cookies to young girls in the park in no time, all with some sleazeball judge's approval if not outright encouragement. "Hey, here's your sentence, Ms. Maxwell. Now go find me a 10 year old redhead. Make it 3, or 4. I've got some friends in Congress and a couple of guys on the Supreme Court." But I digress. I don't even know what party she belongs to. She had democratic clients and republican clients; no doubt green ones too. You really think Jill Stein doesn't belong in that meme above? Don't get me started on that one. I love it when suspect morons say vote green. I used to do that from time to time but, fool me once... Hey, I saw that picture of Ms. Stein with Mike "Turncoat" Flynn and Vladimir Putin. Endless layers of sludge there! Now I just vote for the few good ones when I can find them and buy voodoo dolls for the rest. Lots of pins. So many pins! Oh, and I write in names, too.


Jul 28, 2022

hatewatt11, you lied before you kinda made a point.

Evidently, because you hate, the object of your hate simply MUST be a soviet asset? I do have experience with this delusion. My father's family was so afflicted. But he fought in WWII and saw both the nazis and red army up close. He was not impressed with either one. I do not know why he never imagined american nazis hiding under every rock... he should have. they are there, but out in the open today.

and I suppose you will regale us all with tales of how Stein would have been a far worse russian asset than the russian assets we actually did elect. I cannot wait.

But you did…


crapper says- "Stein would have been much better than the piece of shit that YOU elected."

crapper, Everyone whoever reads your rants already has a good idea where your national allegiance lies but thanks for making it extra clear with your shout out to Russian asset Jill Stein. It gives us context for your comments. Maybe you should try living in Russia, or, do you already?

crapper also says- "it ain't treason when nobody is prosecuted. the constitution and the "law" are just words on a goodamn piece of paper. What makes them operative is enforcement." and "When nobody enforces them, they mean nothing. nothing." But Noah says it all and more much better in the fourth and fifth paragra…


Jul 28, 2022

one minor quibble:

it ain't treason when nobody is prosecuted. the constitution and the "law" are just words on a goodamn piece of paper. What makes them operative is enforcement.

When nobody enforces them, they mean nothing. nothing.

and when, not if, trump is elected fuhrer again, I can see him naming lots of landmarks after himself, bannon and several others.

and Stein would have been much better than the piece of shit that YOU elected.

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