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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Absurdity Of Josh Hawley & Missouri!

by Noah

Missouri, the "Show Me" state indeed! Is that what they're wearing in Branson this summer?

I wasn't going to post another Hawley meme this week but this one was just too accurate to dismiss. It's too perfect, right down to the fly on Pence's head.* This is Josh Hawley. This is Josh Hawley in his dreams where he runs around Greek hills chasing sheep and goats. It's also no doubt the Josh Hawley that Missourians admire and voted for. It's a perfect poster for the man's campaign, is it not? Yeah, I know a couple of Missouri newspapers have made a show of turning against him now. They even call him a disgrace and a coward but only because he has embarrassed some of them. One paper even said he should resign but all that means is that a few people in the Missouri media are running away from him in feigned shame. Always remember, though, Hawley's treason didn't bother them one bit. Certainly, it wasn't the treason and sedition that made them speak up, nor was it the fact that Hawley was an accessory to the murder of a police officer, just for starters. No, it was the embarrassment. The fact that he was the very first of the $enate nazi crew to declare he would lead a $enate attempt to install his idol as president for life? None of that upset Missouri Republikooks and their newspapers enough to speak up. Only his fear of the mob, the very mob that he had encouraged and supported, and his cowardice did. To Missourians, his crime is the fact that he made such a spectacle of himself and, therefore, the majority of the state's voters. That speaks volumes. He outed them as the fools that they are. How dare he.

*Please don't let Pence off the hook just because he did one right thing in the totality of his twisted and warped life and chose the most important time to do it. Good for Mike Pence but he's still Mike Pence, a small, deranged little nazi man who still has dreams of being the leader of the nation and hooking up people to electro-torture machines so he can watch just like he's watching Hawley dance in tonight's meme. He could have said and done things throughout the whole damn four years of his term that might have prevented the horror of the Republican brand of violence mayhem shown on 1/6.

Parting Shot: Think about how many of Hawley's $enate buddies are wondering if that outfit comes in other colors, with matching slippers, no less. I can't wait to see "Ted" Cruz in one.

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