• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Terror Comes In Many Forms

by Noah

Terror comes from different directions and it comes in many forms. Terrorists know this even when we forget. While we are trying to process the terror perpetrated by a KKK-style white supremacist over the weekend in Buffalo, NY, let's not forget the ongoing reign of terror that is emanating from the GOP and their militants on the Supreme Court.

Those who are keeping African-Americans in a state of terror walk the streets freely wearing armor from head to toe carrying weapons of war designed to kill as many humans as possible in the shortest amount of time. I will address that some more tomorrow. But, let's not take our eyes off the terrorists who sit in their black robes on John Roberts's Supreme Court. The likes of Samual Alito don't care what color skin a woman, even a young girl, has. All that matters is that people like Samuel Alito see them as targets for their brand of misgynistic sociopathy and will do everything in their power, the power we have foolishly given them, to terrorize and intimidate their targets into a corner and control not just their lives but their bodies as well. That is something terrorists of all kinds seek to do. Samuel Alito and his brethren may wish that they were living in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, England, or France, but, like so many other terrorists they are living here and now, walking among us, damaging health, lives, and the country itself.