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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tax Day Is Here For Us. But, Trump?

by Noah

Tell ya what, forget the sign that says $10 for 10 minutes. I'll pay H&R Block $1,000 to give me 10 minutes alone with Traitor Don in that little storefront. I'll sell $500 tickets to the spectators on the sidewalk and make a nice tidy little profit which I'll contribute to Stacey Abrams.

But, alas, I have no genie lamp so there he is, sitting all alone. Hoping for $10.00 for a hamberder and fries, maybe with a little crushed Adderall and some extra Ketchup packets. Don't feel bad for him. He's been grifting up a storm with the help of GOP Chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel and her GOP apparatchiks.

Choke on a burger Donnie. I'll put the pennies on your eyes.

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