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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Silence And Inaction Equals Endorsement

by Noah

Today's extremism is tomorrow's mainstream. Nowhere is that more apparent than in today's Republican Party.

150 years after the beginning of our Civil War, the United States $enate, the House Of Whatever They Are, and our so-called justice system have completed their de-evolution into a farce acted out by an endless parade of dressed up assclowns with little or no regard for the Constitution, the country, or the people they claim to serve. The oath they took means little compared to the loyalty they show to families like the Kochs and the Mercers and the corporations who back them with bribes of hard cold cash. Back in January of this very year, nearly 150 members of Congress flagrantly gave encouragement to a fascist coup d'etat and/or openly supported it. None of them have been expelled, jailed, been tried, sent to GITMO to be with their own kind, or faced a firing squad. Not one.

In fact, many of the 150 are frequent guests on corporate TV outlets and are supported openly by said media outlets and therefore by the corporations that own the TV channels. For these politicians, it's a free opportunity to catapult their pro-Nazi messages. Taking it further into the realm of truth, the corporations that advertise on those channels are showing their support for the same messages. It's a Nazi revolution that's being televised by car companies and Big Pharma. The irony of this endless crap being sponsored by laxative commercials is lost on most Americans regardless of party affiliation.

This fascist coup, funded by corporate interests and supported by red hat-wearing troglodytes, is ongoing as evidenced by the anti-voting and Stalinist anti-vote counting measures being legislated in the red states. People like Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg are the new Josef Goebbels. The next time there is a 1/6 style action by these Nazis, it won't be 150 congressional traitors, it will be every congressional republican joining in to more openly support a coup they have always believed in anyway. The circus will be complete when democrats like West Virginia $enator Joe "Rich Pig Poverty King" Manchin and Arizona's trollish Kyrsten Sinema, aka the Marjorie Traitor Greene of the Democratic Party, start their own "Me Too" movement. Those two won't be alone but they have already shown that they could see themselves machine gunning their own constituents rather than pass legislation to help them. The fact that all of these goons now know there will be no price to pay for supporting the overthrow of what democracy remains now in 2021 only emboldens them and encourages them. Meanwhile, the walls of the maze that voters have continually voted to put themselves in grow higher and higher with nary a magic escape lever in sight.

Next time, a traitor like Josh Hawley of Missouri probably won't just be raising his fist in support of the mob, he will likely be waving an AK-47 in the air like some demented Middle East terrorist Republican role model. In fact, can't we now expect one or more of these congressional goons to kill a cop themselves? You know they want to, all the better in their eyes if it's a black cop. Las Vegas might as well go ahead and post the odds as to who will be the first. People like Hawley, "Ted" Cruz, Kevin McQarthy, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Mo Brooks, Moscow Mitch, and Lauren Boebert have already shown us more than enough about their goals for America. Madison Cawthorn has also demonstrated that he's itching for bloodshed and has advised his constituents to start stockpiling ammunition for future action. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has made it all too clear that they support such people. The media will pretend to be shocked when it happens of course, maybe even quietly appalled but only for a second. The money coming in from the makers of Acuras, Ford SUVs, and endless sleep medications and diet pills will quickly make them forget all about it.

Doing nothing invites more of the same and worse. At this point you have to assume that if the Republican Party's thuggish mob (or "tourists" as they call them) had succeeded in killing Pence, Pelosi, AOC, and who knows who else, the reaction would still be the same; no punishments, just encouragement and some campaign cash for those recruited to run for office. After all, nothing of serious consequence has been done to any of the Trump mob of traitors that stormed the Capitol Building or those on the inside who aided and abetted them. At most, all of the perps are getting nothing but a slap on the wrist. Just last week 2 traitors from Ohio got sentences of 45 days on misdemeanor charges when they deserved 45 years. The two were among those who got as far as Speaker Pelosi's office in their hunt for her. Rudy Giuliani's QAnon Shaman pal got 4 years when he deserves at least 40 (as does Rudy) if not placement on death row. Why not take it a half step further and offer these criminals paid vacations to places of their choice? Someone needs to take a good long look at what some of these prosecutors and judges were doing on 1/6. Let's subpoena their phone records, too! At the very least, they have put their own loyalties into question along with those they defend, not to mention the loyalties of those who write the laws in the first place.

The RNC's MAGA mob that invaded the Capitol Building on 1/6 literally broke the bones of officers defending the nation's Capitol Building, concussed them with clubs, sprayed them with bear spray, and even bit the officers defending the place. Yes, they sank their teeth into the hands, arms and legs of the cops. The prosecutors involved in recommending such light sentences in these cases have no sense of proportion, loyalty to country, or justice. Many of the judges are no better. If these MAGA Goons had been dogs, they would have been seized and euthanized within a week.




so why do you guys always ask us to elect democraps?

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