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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Rudy Giuliani, America's Drunkard

by Noah

Also to be known as: Mr. Two cases of whiskey, a glass, and 9/11.

Yeah, Rudy's been outed as a drunk but let's not forget the more important facts that 1) he's a Nazi and 2) he's obviously a serious mental case who should have been locked away in a mental home decades ago. Instead, he was allowed to roam free and damage other people's lives, not to mention the entire country by pouring his crap into the head of fellow lunatic Boss Donnie. And let's not forget that Jacob Chansley, aka QAnon Shaman, aka Horned Chewbacca Guy of 1/6 notoriety, is one of Rudy's running buddies. Birds of a feather.

There are more important things being revealed during the 1/6 hearings but the fact that Rudy Giuliani is a drunk is not unimportant. Why? Because of, as we know, his position as a close advisor of Trump and his being his personal attorney. That said, not all drunks are clearly insane or even bad people like Rudy is. Due to his insanity, Rudy Giuliani would still be a danger to America even if he'd never had a drink in the past or had one in the future. An insane man having the ear of a president can't ever be good. Just look at all the damage Rudy has done by going on Hannity night after night and brainwashing a naive, gullible, critical thinking challenged public with his crackpot spew while, at the same time, reinforcing Trump's psychosis. Imagine if JFK had listened to Rudy or the equivalent of Rudy in his administration back in the fall of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I very well might not even be around to write this and you might not be around to read it.

Parting Shot: Now I want to know what Sidney Powell is on. Jenna Ellis, too! And don't forget Hannity himself. I used to check in on his show when Rudy was doing his town drunk act spitting and sputtering his saliva all over the set. Are we supposed to think that Sean Boy didn't know? Now the traitors at FOX "News" have replaced Rudy with Don Jr. doing his semi-nightly Scarface thing. I can't wait to see what the Republicans come up with next. Will be wild!!!!

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