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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republican Terrorists Will Try Again

by Noah

Of course, in Trump's "mind" there was only one true chore and that was to be President For Life. Nothing else mattered more to him and nothing else mattered more to the rest of what is euphemistically called the "leadership" of the Republican Party, now known as the Domestic Terror Party. That was made extra clear on 1/6. Message received.

Unfortunately, there is a message about 1/6 that has not been received. In fact, it appears that Washington and most of America (two very separate things) are in denial about the fact that the Republican Party sees 1/6 as practice. They've seen it that way since their effort on 1/6 failed. The attempted coup is not over. It is on-going, not just in Washington on the Nazi side of the aisle but in republican-controlled state legislatures all over the country where over 350 election negation and anti-voting laws have been drafted. Some are even already law and several prominent republican voices have spoken about things like "second amendment solutions," secession, civil war, or just bringing guns to the Capitol Building if things don't go their way next time. What part of what these people say are you not grasping?

I've said before that fanatics will keep trying until they succeed, just like those other terrorists who failed to bring down the WTC with a truck bomb the first time. Believe these people are what they are telling us they are.

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