• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republican Militia 'Round The World!

by Noah

To commemorate the GOP's new "All Hell Gonna Break Loose Tomorrow" motto and this week's hearings, I offer a simple meme that depicts photos from two different countries: Same Proud Boys & Same Oath Keepers.

Never forget the traitors in Congress who voted to not remove Trump from office and therefore willfully enabled and encouraged 1/6 and now maneuver for the chance to do it again. Never forget their seditionist Republican comrades in state legislatures who are doing everything in their power to plan for a future coup via their new state pro-sedition laws. Never forget the radical activist "justices" in our kangaroo court system who plan to back the intent of those new state laws.

Never forget those red-hated terrorist goons who stormed the Capitol Building with their murderous attempted coup. Never forget those who voted for Trump. Never forget those who have used their FCC licenses in service to Trump. Never forget those who turn our neighborhoods into eyesores with flags that represent hate for this country. And, never forget those who don't prosecute all of these traitors, every single one of them, to the fullest extent of the laws they all spit on.