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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Reminder! Tomorrow Is Valentine's Day!

by Noah

I know the question on your lips would naturally be something along the lines of "Are Republicans capable of love?" Well, empirical evidence would tell any rational person no, but the question in the previous sentence implies the assumption that we're talking about romantic love between two or more humans. Now, love of things like pouring lead into rivers, love of guns and cigarettes for children, love for all-white major league baseball teams, love of going into libraries and ripping "objectionable" pages out of books or just taking the whole book and burning it in the parking lot; That's a different story. Those kinds of things elicit bigly amounts of love from Republicans.

Anyway, the cartoon above shows us some of what passes for love in the souls of a party built on always looking for someone or something to hate. Maybe tomorrow you can send it to some Republican so they can hate you!

Wait! Did I just imply that Republicans have souls??!!!??!!??

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