• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Rand Paul, Socialist! Who Knew?

by Noah

Well, well, well, huge tornados bomb his state and the number 2 KY boy in the $enate has his hand out!

Like I always say, Republikooks always condemn everything as socialism until they want the FEMA trucks to come to their town. Should we tell Kentucky's two senatorial asswipes, Rand Paul and Moscow Mitch, to be self-reliant, "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps" and just get more cash from their Russian pals, the same ones that give so much to their campaigns? Nah, As much as I'd like to, I wouldn't do that. Any money those two got would never ever be used to help out the people and towns that really need it. The victims of the tornado that Rand Paul is pretending to care about this week would be better off moving to Afghanistan. That's a place Congress has no problem sending infrastructure money to, billions and billions of it. Trillions in fact. That's a place that gets plenty of money to rebuild bombed out buildings and roads; bombs or tornados, same thing.

A final thought for today: Maybe Rand should just ask his neighbor.