Midnight Meme Of The Day! Putin's Employee Of The Month!

by Noah Tucker Tiki Torch had a ton of competition from his fellow nazis that make up the GOP this month but his efforts at being an ever-whining douchebag won him the Putin Employee Of The Month for March hands down. His daily pro-Putin contributions to Russian state television programming and his tireless efforts to promote his spymaster's objectives here at home have made him a hero in Putin Land! When it comes to being a Russian asset, not even Traitor Don topped Tucker this month but that has caused Donnie to re-double his efforts to win an Order of Lenin medal before all of his rivals in the Republican Party. Better step up your game Tucker. You, too, Moscow Mitchy McConnovech! Rumors of Trump claiming that the vote was rigged are already surfacing and we all know that Rudy and the Pillow Loon will be on the case but, congratulations Mr. Carlson! You earned it!