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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Pt. 2: Take "Hunter Biden's Laptop" And Shove It Up Your Ass!

by Noah

I devoted yesterday's meme post to the Republican Party's typically insane obsession with Hunter Biden's Laptop. Right now, at least when they aren't playing Vladimir Putin's card of accusing all rivals and perceived enemies of being pedophiles (Putin invoked his own 'Don't Say Gay' law in 2014 in case you wondered where the GOP got the idea form), every Nazi from Traitor Don to Kremlin Kevin McCarthy, to Moscow Mitch on down are goose-stepping across our TV screens chanting "Hunter Biden's Laptop" over and over again like it's, to them, a secret mantra that holds magical powers. The same goes for any Republican you may have the misfortune to meet or already know. This is the Republican mind hive at work, folks. They zero in on a buzzword or phrase and then ride it for as long as they can. Just like chanting 'pedophile' at people, "Hunter Biden's Laptop" is a not so secret password into the sick, dark club of republicanism. Kinda like "Benghazi" and "Lock Her Up" as well. Hey, when you're that single minded and simple minded, it works. someone in the rally crowd yells it or it flashes across some QAnon-style website and the repug on stage repeats it forever, and vice versa, too. Cult stuff all the way.

It's all meant to be a distraction, of course; a distraction from the kinds of things that are listed in tonight's meme as well as other things such as what I am listing below, all things that the Corporate Nazis that run our news outlets maybe allow their on air people mention for a day, if that, and then quickly bury because telling these stories fully runs counter to some seditonist scumbag CEO's autocracy agenda. In a truly honest democracy with a truly objective media, we'd be hearing less about "Hunter Biden's Laptop" or at least as much about Moscow Mitch's laptop or how about seditionist $enator Mike Lee's phone, the one which he texted the following path to a coup idea to Traitor Trump's White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows soon after the 2020 election-

If a very small handful of states were to have their legislatures appoint alternative slates of delegates, that could be a path.

Yeah, but his emails and texts! In other words, $enator Lee was suggesting a way to help overthrow the government of the United States of America. The fact that Lee has not been arrested and thrown into jail somewhere, preferably the Jeffrey Epstein Memorial Cell on Rikers Island, is a travesty. At least, expel him from the $enate and put a lifetime ankle bracelet on him but, hey, you know his fellow $enators like the nice little system they've got going and how many Democrats, if any, ever had the guts to rock the boat and courageously stand up for what's right anyway? Not much of that, at least not since Nixon was forced to resign, but that took all of the Democrats and a few patriotic Republicans joining them. There are none of the latter these days. Not one $enator has called for Lee's expulsion. All we got was a day of talk but, as usual, zero action, not even a whisper of censure. Status quo.

Add Lee's name to the list that's headed by McConnel, Cruz, and Hawley. How many more republican $enators participated in the coup planning? Most, I bet but at best we won't know for literally 80 years or so. Just like they've refused to name the names of those involved in plotting to murder JFK 60 years ago, the same kind of lowlifes will refuse to tell us the full list of who helped Traitor Trump plan the 1/6 coup. It wasn't just those who voted to hold up the certification of the Biden victory. You can bet there were silent partners just as there is with any mafia.

Other quickly forgotten stories of more import than "Hunter Biden's Laptop" include:

1. Virginia Thomas, the wife of "Supreme" Court Justice Clarence Thomas also sent coup planning texts and emails to Mark Meadows. That story lasted all of 2 days on most of our corporate media outlets. We're supposed to believe that her husband knew nothing about it, too! He said nothing and neither has Chief Justice John Roberts which tells me exactly where he stands on the subject of treason. Obviously he's right there with the rest of the Benedict Arnold club. Yeah, "But her emails" indeed!

2. But his texts! By that I mean Donald "Hoover Nose" Trump Jr.'s texts to Meadows. Same deal as Virginia Thomas. Anonymous, if you're listening, please send us the pertinent contents of their cell phones and laptops. For bonus juicy points, let's see what Clarence Thomas has been downloading on his laptop to feed his known decades long porn addiction.

3. Hey remember when Marjorie Traitor Greene and Paul Gosar spoke at that white supremacy confab a few weeks ago? Well, yeah, maybe you don't since the FOXs and CNNs of the world would rather you just forget about it.

4. While the GOP have been feverishly pointing at democrats and yelling "Pedophile," the Matt Gaetz sex trafficking case has apparently been swept under the rug. We don't hear anything about Gym Shower Jordan's similar history either. Like all of these stories, a cynical person might wonder who put the kibosh on these stories and why.

5. Traitor Trump stealing at least 15 boxes (that we know of) of Top Secret files and documents and making off with them to Mar-a-Lago? We already know he handed Top Secret Israeli intelligence to the Russians, including a spymaster, he invited right into the oval office. This is a story that should be in the headlines every hour of every day. Who else in the Trump administration has done the same things? The aforementioned Mark Meadows? Stephen Miller? Trump's fetid spawn? Melania? Mike Flynn?

Instead of any or all of the above, we tellingly hear plenty of Washington and its media whores getting their panties all in a twist about President Biden calling what's going on in Ukraine a genocide and saying that Putin should not be in power. Ask yourselves why.



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