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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Ms. Swift Scares Men Who've Feared Women All Their Stupid Lives

by Noah

The Taylor Swift girlboss psyop has been fully activated. From her hand-selected vaccine shill boyfriend to her DINK lifestyle to her upcoming 2024 voter operation for Democrats on abortion rights. It’s all coming!

- Typical nutball conservative commentator Jack Posobiac

Right there in the word 'girlboss' we can see the origins of the feverish hate Republicans are directing at pop music phenomenon Taylor Swift. The paranoia strikes deep with these lost souls.

As I always say, Republicans love looking for a new target to hate. Usually, but not always, it's "a group" whether it's Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Muslims, "The Gays," Black people, Native Americans, teachers, scientists, school boards, various Asian communities, NATO... Sometimes it's individual Teletubbies, or, Sponge Bob, Sesame Street characters, Disney characters, actors such as Robert De Niro, even imaginary places such as the double super-secret non-existent basement nests of pizza shop pedos... You name it, group or individual, Republicans will find a target and zero right in on it faster than you can say the magic words "drag queen story hour!"

In my youth, it was blacks (they used a less polite term and often still do), "Marxist Jew Commies," and "longhairs." Ronnie "Bloodbath" Reagan built his whole political career on hate for the latter even though hate for the other two was a given. No doubt it's why he switched from Dem to Repug just like The Diaper Don. With each election cycle, republicans always pick a target and go all out. Nowadays, they can just tune into FOX-Goebbels or their favorite Hate Radio station and it's all made so easy for them. Sheet-wearing media knightriders like Jesse Watters (like Posobiac, he also believes Ms. Swift is some sort of "Deep State" psyop), Charlie Kirk, or Sean Hannity just tell them who to hate and, marching orders received, off they go, no thought required!


As every election cycle approaches, I always wonder which person or group of my fellow humans will be next and I always sit back and watch as the newest wrinkle in their insanity unfolds. Let the show begin! I even remember a semi-secret yearly "Who Will The Repugs Hate The Most" office pool about 12 years ago where "Trans People" were on the finalist list of 3 possible "winners." Alas, we were just a couple of years ahead of the game and those who chose "Trans People" lost their pool money. Too ahead of the curve! The Republican obsession with Barack Obama showed no sign of giving way and he won again! Well done, Mr. President! Oh well, I guess not enough Republicans even knew about "Trans People" at that point. Not to worry, "Trans People" won the pool just a few years later and is still going really strong today! Fear!!! Fear Matters!!! Funny thing is, there are still a lot of republicans out there who will tell you that Michelle Obama has a penis. There are whole you tube clips if not whole channels dedicated to that one. Interesting choice of obsession, eh?

The dreaded "Trans People" still get a tremendous amount of hateful attention and will for some time, quite a list of authors of now banned books will, too. And "The Mexicans" or "Caravans of Mexicans" always make the list. Disney also still gets a lot of attention but maybe Republicans would change their undeveloped minds if they knew about founder Walt Disney's nazi tendencies. There's also "The Squad," as in those brown women who dared to presume they could serve in Congress without the permission of white conservatives. But we have the new contestants! And, yeah, it's not just Taylor Swift but also her boyfriend Travis Kelce! A couple! Two for the price of one! To republicans, they might as well be Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

What did Taylor and Travis do to earn such ire from the nutball class? Well, she's a smart, strong, confident woman who took charge of her own life and career and became a mega success. In fact, she has reportedly made a literal billion dollars in a field she dared to choose for herself and do it all her way. She writes or co-writes her songs. She sings, really sings. She plays guitars and keyboards, and normal people love her! How dare she! How dare they!! Worse, she's setting a fine example for youth everywhere! On top of that, and this is where Ms. Swift gets really objectionable to republicans: She pays her employees extremely well, even with benefits and large bonuses (That sets a bad example, you know). She also routinely writes 6-figure checks to local food banks wherever her "caravan" comes to town. How brazen!!! Damn, that almost sounds like socialism or something! 

But wait! There's more! And it's not just that endless pile of awards and all that money she's earned. She has the unmitigated gall to stand up there on her stage, the stage she built, lit by the lighting schemes she designed and paid for, and tell her fans to be sure to register to vote. Register to vote!! OMFG!! That has set the repugs off so badly that, led by the ever-charming Vivek Ramswarmy, many of the Nazi Party persuasion are now calling for the voting age to be raised to 25. Hey, why not 35? How about 50?

Then there's the boyfriend; the aforementioned Travis Kelce, as in the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce! He's a star in his own right, so much so that he may end up in the pro-football Hall Of Fame. Oh, but what's he guilty of? I'll tell you. His first offense was to do PSA's for getting COVID vaccinations! No, he wasn't calling for people to inject bleach. He was talking about COVID vaccines. What a bad, bad man! Then, it came out that he dares to give back to his community! Sooo un-republican! But wait, there's more! Kelce even pays for hot meals for Kansas City kids! He also provides support for education and arts programs for kids. Damn, just when Republicans spend so much energy and time cutting funding like that! Kelce's a damn Commie, for sure!!! In other words these two reprobates fight against human misery and death. That's something that goes right against the core of what it means to be a republican in 2024. Way to go kids! Keep it up!! 

Addendum: The Kansas City Chiefs have now played their way into the Super Bowl, due in no small way to the performance of Travis Kelce in the playoffs. Oh! The pain and suffering Republicans will now have to endure!!!!

Addendum 2: Maybe if Taylor sang a few tunes in Russian, the Repugs would go for her?



Jan 31

Before Ms. Swift, it was Oprah. Weak stupid men are always threatened by strong, rich women.

And both parties have theirs. Perhaps this is part of why we were treated to der pumpkinfuhrer's trial run 2017-2021.


I get the idea, but man, I can’t get behind this bland ass soccer parent music. I’ll take the residue of her fandom if that means a less fascist nation.


Jan 30

Great post Noah! I'm only sorry I was so late to the Swiftie party, what an amazing talent she is! Was thinking the other day she's almost like our very own Princess Di... except for the MAGA crew of course (they got smelly Trump instead, heh heh).

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