• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mazars: I've Seen This Movie Before!

by Noah

The clip above is only 19 seconds but it's the first thing I thought of when I heard that, after at least ten years, surprise surprise, the apparently sleazy Mazars accounting firm had decided that the Orange Menace To Society was as radioactive as having a gamma ray-emitting pulsar in your frontyard. Mazars smelled a rat, a big fat one. And, gee, they just never smelled it before! As Rick Wilson's book sez, Everything That Trump Touches, Dies. Mazars chose... poorly. The clip also, as far as I'm concerned, represents Washington, DC in a nutshell. With an emphasis on nut. The clip also certainly represents Washington better than Washington represents us. As it has always been, it is now, only even more so. Washington meet Casablanca. Casablanca meet Washington. A quick wikipedia check of Mazars reveals the following thumbprint of info. • Mazars is a global auditing, accounting, and consulting firm. • Mazars has 42,000 employees in 90 countries. They refer to them as "professionals." I'm sure using that term would always appeal to a mob style creature with a status obsession like Trump. Lots of slimy tentacles around the world no doubt? • Mazars was founded in France in 1945 by Robert Mazar. Hmmm. Immediate postwar France. Bags of $$$$ changing hands everywhere. "We're all on the same side now! Bygones be bygones! and all that" This begs for a deep investigation into the Mazars origin story, no? Just to be sure... worth a look, you know. The name Mazar can be Ashkenazic. It can also be Kurdish or Arabic. It can mean "dealer in wheel grease" or it can mean mausoleum, shrine, or tomb depending on its roots. Maybe all of those meanings apply.

Casablanca the movie came out in 1942. Casablanca the city was a Nazi controlled French colonial city at that time. The movie was a fictional story that reflected a very real culture. My experience in the corporate world taught me that each company has its own DNA. Could the thought of Casablanca popping into my mind regarding Mazars be even more than meets the eye of a mildly cynical man like myself? What's below the surface? If Mazars has always been legit, then they were foolish to let Trump even come in the door no matter how many dollars, pounds or rubles he was handling. But money doesn't just talk, it swears. Trump's money, however, is cancer. They had to have known that. And, just why was Trump attracted to them? Did he see a safe harbor? Did he see his own kind? Happy green peas in a shiny green pod that has now turned the color of a rotting orange pumpkin.