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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mayday In America.

by Noah

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Happy Mayday, folks. It is indeed Mayday in America. Why is it Mayday you may ask? Simple. It's Mayday because we are letting open, ongoing treason go unpunished and thereby inviting more and more of it. We let those traitors go home like it was nothing on 1/6. Ditto for their spiritual leaders in Congress and the media. We let them go back to their usual lives after their day of mayhem, murder, and the attempted overthrow of the government of the United States Of America! Barely anything that even amounts to a peep out of us, certainly not a squawk. America shrugs. We're getting what we deserve. Ruin.

We let the terrorist ringleader go back to his Mar-a-Lago compound and he's still there operating out in the open to continue to subvert this country. After 9/11, we sent our best to hunt down the Taliban and al Qaeda and then Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden himself. To date, no Seal Team 6 has been dispatched to Mar-a-Lago to drag America's Public Enemy #1 to justice. Even his 43 $enate accomplices are free to roam about the country in the service of themselves, their bank accounts, and our enemies. Imagine if Trump and these co-conspirators had been successful in their sick, traitorous endeavor and we'd had pictures of Pence and Pelosi swinging in the smoky breeze like we saw with the ruins of the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon back in 2001. We only avoided the gallows shot by mere seconds. Would anything have been different if Trump's ultimate goals had been achieved? Would we have done anything about it? Apparently not.

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