• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Marjorie Traitor Greene, Circus Freak!

by Noah

Soon, she'll be chopping her hair off and carving swastikas onto those bare arms like any good Manson Girl would. But, like you, I hope we actually do get to see her texts. Maybe we will have seen some of them by the time you read this. I expect that, like with what we have seen so far, they will be like some 1950s horror film except with real radiation.

So, what else is Marjorie thinking? I imagine she's at the least got some anxiety but she probably thinks, with good reason, that she'll skate away scot free. Remember, I always say that Washington takes care of its own, and, yes, Marjorie Traitor Greene is much closer to the norm these days than anyone like her has been in the past. In fact, within her party, she is the norm. If she wasn't she would have never gotten to Washington in the first place and she wouldn't have been so lauded and protected once she got there. Then again, maybe she'll be back to biting the heads off of chickens on a rural southern carny row for moonshine, mescaline, and a monthly bath in no time.