Midnight Meme Of The Day! Lord Tiny Hands Grabs For The Wheel!

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

Really! What other cartoon could it be today? Just play the movie in your mind. There he is, The Orange Menace To Society, wanting to go to the Capitol Building to lead his armed army of white supremacist maga terrorists right into the Capitol and seize control. President For Life! In his head, he's all armed and buff just like those cheesy paintings of him riding tanks and firing bazookas that republicans display on their lawns and feature in their wackadoodle truck and boat parades.

Just think if the Secret Service had acquiesced to his feverish tantrums and demands to be driven to the scene of the developing crime to satisfy the delusions in his sick mind and the matching ones of Republican politicians and voters everywhere. Hell, we would have hardly noticed Rudy's freakish horned Chewbacca buddy.


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