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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Lindsey Graham Did What All Mobsters Do

by Noah

Lindsey Graham has a lot of fantasies. One of them involves his being a protected and adored lieutenant of a psychotic former president who doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. Another involves always finding grotesque new ways to be obsessively obsequious towards that same psychotic. In still another, he fancies himself as some kind of terrorist leader with a mission to incite violence. All three fantasies lead him to believe that his behavior will result in him being president himself when his special master's time has passed.

This past weekend on a FOX "News" Sunday night nazi propaganda show, Lindsey Graham did what all mobsters do. He slyly predicted and threatened swift retribution in the form of mob street violence if a member of his gang, in this case the gang's Dear Leader leader, were to be prosecuted for his crimes against the country. It was much more than a dog whistle. It was a call to arms just like his special master's call to violence at the Capitol Building after the 2020 election. And for those who might want to say he misspoke, he didn't. He repeated his threat at the end of his interview to make sure we understood. Yes, he might as well have said:

Nice country you've got here. Would be a shame if my friends burned it to the ground.

Essentially, Graham is asking that we pay "protection money" for the country by not prosecuting his man. And, guess what. In South Carolina, Lindsey Graham likes to be called "Mr. Law and Order." He does this while he ignores subpoenas and pledges non-stop fealty to the nation's #1 public enemy and security risk. If you think Graham isn't serious, keep in mind that when republicans don't get their way, they resort to violence. Their attack on the Capitol Building in their attempted coup on 1/6 was and is proof of that.

It should come as absolutely no surprise that this is what the majority of the people of South Carolina have voted for in their fever dream of another all out bloody civil war. For way too many of them the first one never ended. Why else would so many of them fight to keep flying the flag of slavery above the seat of their state government and why else would anyone vote for the likes of Lindsey Graham? If you don't think that, then you weren't paying attention to the bloody coup attempt. How many confederate flags, dead cops and red hats do you have to see at the next coup attempt? How many confederate flags on how many lawns? How many hangings on the Capitol lawn?

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