• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Kyle Rittenhouse Fakes It.

by Noah Not one tear was seen. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle! You are "The 'Crying' Proud Boy!" Man, I've seen overwrought and wooden acting before, but you top them all put together! O.J. did a better job with that glove thing. And, c'mon, you could at least have told the jury "I like beer!" How long before your shameless white supremacist promoters at the RNC and FOX announce production of a musical version of your trial? They can call it "Springtime For Rittenhouse!" Hannity's already on board. He had your demented freak of a mom, aka your accomplice that drove, you, a minor at the time, across state lines to the scene, on the other night. Her and Hannity together was real Outer Limits material. I don't know for sure what species those two are but I just hope they don't mate. Here's an acting tip, Kyle: Maybe you could figure out how to produce some actual tears when your slimy legal team tells you to play up some fake distress for the jury. Yeah, I know it's hard. After all, you look so smug and proud in those photos taken of you right after the shooting (See below). Aw, alright. Here's another tip: Back when Glenn Beck was on FOX, he used to rub raw onions under his eyes before going on. True story. If anyone is interested in what the phoney trials of KKK people back in Mississippi in the 1960s went like, they need only check in on the circus that's going on in Kenosha, Wisconsin or should I say Kenosha, Wississippi? The only difference is that now, 50+ years later, it's the republicans who've gone all full blown racist, not the Dixiecrats. The Rittenhouse trial even has a judge who would fit right in. He's done everything but throw a couple of White Power hand signals. The very fine people of Kenosha might as well have a reanimated George Wallace on the bench screaming "No justice now. No justice ever!" and "Kyle For Congress!" (You think that last one isn't coming? Just wait.) The so-called judge even refuses to allow the victims to be called victims and does everything he can to prevent the prosecution team from doing their job. Yep, you guessed it. He's a Trumpie right down to his cell phone ringtone that plays the song (Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The U.S.A.) that Republicans have adopted as a theme for 1/6. Those Repugs never do show any sense of irony, do they. Republicans are really something: Rittenhouse is on trial for the killing of protestors and that makes him their celebrated hero but when a guard in the Capitol Building killed a terrorist named Ashli Babbitt in defense of the people he was sworn to protect, republicans claim she was murdered in cold blood and wasted no time sending death threats to the officer and his whole family. Nice folks, those Republicans. This is who they are. Meanwhile, lunatics like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his protege Paul Gosar are doing everything they can to encourage more killers like Kyle Rittenhouse and maybe some mad bombers, too. If Rittenhouse gets off, which looks likely, there will be plenty for sure. Welcome to Republican World! Better learn how to quickly duck the bullets and knives.