• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Jeff Bezos, Shameless Parasite!

by Noah

I saw this meme and was immediately struck in the face by the evil absurdity of it all! Jeff Bezos has his welfare hand extended. Make that welfare tentacles. Slimy welfare tentacles. This asshole wants $10 BILLION of our taxpayer dollars as a bailout for his little rocketship company. He wants $10 BILLION because that's what Elon Musk got. Fuck this guy! Fuck 'em both! I'm all for space exploration and the scientific side benefits it brings but if Bezos wants to do something constructive for this country with our money he should, now that he has just purchased MGM, release some DVD box sets of the outtakes from Trump's Apprentice TV show. You know, the outtakes that show Trump as an even bigger pig than he's already shown himself to be!

What's worse, of course, is that a large bi-partisan majority of the U.S. $enate (but not Bernie Sanders) and House are actually planning on going ahead and giving Bezos our $10 BILLION, courtesy of an amendment from $enator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) as part of a larger NASA funding bill called the Endless Frontier Act. The $10 BILLION would be earmarked for a moon landing program. No doubt some sort of kickback scheme is involved, I'm sure. Something like "Hey, Jeff! Here's the deal. We'll give you the $10 BILLION in taxpayer funds if, say, you kick back 10% to us in selected "campaign contributions." Nudge-Nudge-Wink-Wink. Endless Sponge Off The Taxpayer Act. To the Moon, Maria!

These assholes in Washington will get away with it, too. Too bad we can't send them out into space. Land them on Pluto (OK, Lindsey and some others might prefer Uranus) and fend for themselves. $10 BILLION!!!!!! Bezos literally makes that much money in a day, sometimes more. He has that much money! And, his kind of money makes that kind of money. He doesn't need one dime from us. For him, $10 BILLION literally is pocket change. If he wants $10 BILLION, that's where he should look. His pockets are as deep as pockets get. When he got divorced, he paid out $38 Billion to the ex-wifey and his fortune grew back the $38 Billion in less time than it would take me to drive from New York to Los Angeles. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, Jeff. Get a second job! No, get a third job just like so many Americans have to do because scum like you don't pay your fair share. Fuck you Jeff Bezos and fuck you with a Festivus Pole, Maria Cantwell! This is just sick. Next we'll be asked to pay for his toothpaste.