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Midnight Meme Of The Day! It's Time To Weaponize 11,780

"I just want to find 11,780 votes"

-Traitor Don, Republican Party Icon. by Noah Those who've known me over the many, many years know that I've always been a fan and practitioner of what I call "confrontational marketing" or "guerilla marketing." I suppose you could also call it "in your face" marketing. Fine with me. Whatever you wanna call it, I think the number of votes that Traitor Don and his cohorts were asking Georgia's (see the clip below) state officials to find, 11780, is ripe for exploitation and use in a confrontational manner. Let's weaponize it! Why go to the trouble of using 11780 as a confrontational marketing plan, you ask? Easy. It's obvious that the congressional hearings about the Republican Party's violent attempted 1/6 coup are having some effect when it comes to showing American citizens and the world just how very, very close the United States Of America came to having a dictatorial "President For Life" but the horror of the tsunami of evidence has not gotten through to everyone. The polls, for whatever they may be worth, show that the percentage of Americans that currently think Trump should be indicted has now climbed to 60%. There's more than enough evidence and always has been, but to my way of thinking, the fact that only 60% of Americans now think the psychopathic Mango Man-Baby should be indicted is nowhere near a righteous amount. 60% is a figure that leaves mucho room for growth. We need to arouse the curiosity of the still uninformed by turning 11780 into a term that goes viral. Doing so is a good way to get them asking what it's all about. Every unforeseen failure of a dam starts with a crack. The reasons why the percentage is only 60% center around multiple things which include: 1. Not enough people are paying attention or are even able to pay attention because they are working 2 or 3 jobs just to try to make ends meet and feed their families. This means they don't have time to absorb or even hear about what has come out about the Republican Party's coup attempt or anything else that's been going on in their name in Washington for decades regardless of the party affiliation of any of the perps. That is by design, of course. 2. Too many people naively operate in the mistaken belief that if anything truly bad was really going on, the Department of Justice or the people we send to Washington will take care of it. Their faith is misplaced. They are happy to let the foxes guard the henhouse. That's how we end up with scum like Gerald Ford pardoning Nixon and sending the message to a variety of future presidents that all is permissible. Ford's message has now metastasized to the point where that includes overthrowing the government and killing anyone who gets in your way if necessary, whether it's the Vice President, the House Speaker, police trying to protect the Capitol Building, state officials, or even, as we saw on Tuesday, election workers in places like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to name a few. 3. The GOP's brand of nazi propaganda does have an effect. Roughly 25% of the public is a lost cause because of this. 4. Too many people are disinclined to vote either due to apathy or to the lousy or uninspiring cookie-cutter candidates given to them by the political parties; especially the milquetoast Democratic Party. 5. The average intelligence of the population is getting dumber and dumber. Call it the "Idiocracy Effect." The movie Idiocracy is a documentary of sorts. All they got wrong was they placed it 500 years into our future when next month would have sufficed. I could go on but it's more important for the purposes of this post to make a suggestion as to how we might get the attention of at least a few more people and move the damn needle. Hence, my suggestion that we weaponize 11780, pronto! Here's how: 1. I suppose we could all go up to our bank teller and ask for $11,780. Certainly, if enough of us did that, it would get any bank's attention but it also might get us in some kind of trouble. There are more practical scenarios and, at least for me (if only me) more satisfying ones. 2. So, why not repeatedly call in or text 11780 to every politician and every office of every politician in the whole damn country. Cell phone numbers can be found. Be sure to include RNC Chairnazi Ronna Romney McDaniel and the RNC website along with her man Traitor Don's Save America PAC. Include $enate Majority Leader Chucky Schumer in case he just happens to be harboring feelings of leniency. You could also scrawl it on postcards and mail them until the people in those offices are literally buried in postcards. Please consider the fact that it might cause some mental and physical grief for Louis DeJoy which would be an extra bonus. 3. Write on or stamp the back of every single one dollar bill that goes through your hands with, you guessed it! 11780! 4. Got a friend in Florida with a sky-writer plane? Would your friend be willing to sky-write 11780 all over the place, especially over Traitor Don's golf course as he's waddling around playing a few holes and cheating at his score? 5. Why not call up every talk radio goon you can think of and, when you get on, just say the magic numbers and hang up. Hell, do it on QVC, HSN, and any other live media outlet that has a call-in feature. Sure, some of them have that 7 second delay thing but not all of them do! Believe me, I know! In any event, it will irritate the fuck out of the enemy and that's a nice little ancillary bonus. 6. Why not call up FOX "News" and say the magic numbers until they feel they have to change their phone number, and, remember, it'll be months before they erect another Christmas tree. 7. Do you have any plans to go see a major league baseball game this summer? They're all televised and we're all so tired of those idiots that hold up signs for biblical passages like John 3:16 behind home plate. Why not start a new trend- 11780! 8. Got a Trump supporting nazi goofball neighbor? Why not be all nice and neighborly and offer to cut his grass then do it selectively by cutting 11780 into his lawn? 9. Don't forget you can always stencil 11780 onto the walls around construction sites, your corner sidewalk, and, best of all, on the sidewalk of some miscreant like Susan Collins or Sean Hannutty. Please, no violence. Just a nice neat stencil or chalking will do. And, please don't use doggie urine to spell out 11780 on anybody's lawn. That would be sooo wrong, wouldn't it?

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Jun 24, 2022

it should be the graffiti all over the home of merrick garland. it need not be anywhere else. and when he dies, it could be the ONLY thing on his marker.

it won't do any good no matter where you spray paint that number... you know that don't you?

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