• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Imagine You're A Republican.

by Noah Imagine you're not a decent human being. Imagine instead that you are a Republican. In other words, among other things, you have a constantly growing list of books you want banned from local schools and libraries. Of course, you say that's OK because, "hey, it's not like I want those books to be burned," at least not yet. Imagine you also don't want anything factual to do with the racial history and politics of this nation to be taught in schools. No, you can't abide that. That might lead to understanding and you prefer barriers that keep "certain people" in "their place." Yeah, you even say you're not racist, you "just want them to know their place and keep to it." You don't want children thinking about any of "this stuff." Imagine all of this is far more important to you than some maniac being able to go to your kid's school and fire off a few hundred rounds, maybe even from the gun his parents gave him as an early Christmas present, as happened just one week ago in Michigan. Yeah, imagine you're a Republican and it's your kid that gets killed or maybe disabled for life. But, damn, you sure had your priorities. Imagine.