• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! If Women Were Guns!

by Noah

Two prominent women. The one on the left has a vision for a better country and world. The one on the right dreams of being Freddy Krueger.

And, speaking of making a statement with fashion, it's time to plan ahead for Halloween. It seems that the Republican men of Texas, such as they are, need a nightmare to appear on their streets. Here's my suggestion, just throwing it out there: If I were a woman in Texas, I would spend the entire month of October walking around dressed up as a gun. Hell, I might even get some nice gun tattoos on my body and, of course, I'd be packin' some iron! After all, it is my body and how I wish to decorate it is my choice, for now.

The Republicans in that thar biggest nut state of Texanistan haven't banned clothing, tattoo, and "jewelry" choices for women yet, have they? Yeah, you can bet Texas Republicans talk about making women wear burkas behind closed doors, but, at least as I write this on Thursday 9/16/21, burkas are not yet required in any red state. Not yet. Well, maybe in the Indiana of Mikey Pence's mind, but, not in the real universe.`

So, yeah. Women of Texanistan! It's leadership time! Assert your remaining rights! Dress as a gun and Be the gun! Parade around as a gun for the whole damn month! Wave your gunness in the porcine faces of those Repug pigs in your legislature! And, better yet, once you've boldly gone and declared yourselves to be guns! Announce loud and clear that, as a citizen of a state where guns cannot be regulated, you cannot be regulated in any way shape or form! Maybe even change your names to Gun! Freedom! Open carry indeed!