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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Human Decency? Never Heard Of It!

by Noah

I can understand the fear but the cowardly clowns shown in the Uvalde school shooting video had one job to do and they abdicated their moral and professional responsibilities. They signed up for the job and then ran away. They heard the children screaming and crying, and just stood there doing nothing. That's a metaphor for our times if there ever was one. All of these traitors to humanity should spend the rest of their days in a leper colony of my design.

In addition: A sound truck that plays the sound of the Robb Elementary School children's screams at maximum volume should follow Texas Governor Greg Abbott wherever he goes, day and night, for the rest of his days. And why not include the same for every single politician who has enabled these endlessly repetitious killing fields.

Extra Thought For Today:

With 168 House Republicans coming out so strongly about not wanting an amber style alert system for mass shootings, how long before Republicans start campaigning to do away with amber alerts for abuses, assaults and kidnappings involving underaged kids? We know how Brett Kavanaugh would vote if it ever got to the "Supreme" Court, don't we? And don't think I didn't notice how vocal Florida's Matt Gaetz was in leading the Republican congressional charge to vote against the proposal for the new alert; all to set some sort of precedent, I suppose.

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