Midnight Meme Of The Day! How Much Would You Pay To Dunk Trump?

by Noah

Even when I was the age of that little boy in the picture, I would have known exactly what to do. Ah! If only Merrick Garland would give me a couple of free hours with that set-up, and, no, I wouldn't be dunking America's #1 traitor and security risk in water. Too much drought right now, and plenty of more interesting options, both living and inert.

We should hold a national lottery where people could buy tickets for a chance at pushing that button. We could raise so much money for worthwhile causes and projects. We'd raise trillions! And why stop at Traitor Don? We do seem to have a lot of traitors in our midst; so many who put Trump in power, so many who kept him there for so long, way, way too long, and so many who not only keep him around but continue to give him a platform.

Parting Shot: Meanwhile, if you want a further glimpse of a future under arch-conservative government than we've already had, you need not look any further than what's happening in backwards old England right now. It's the fruits of conservative governance coming to life, i.e. people dying en masse due to the policies of a psychopathic government that truly doesn't give a damn. Imagine a whole country with a water supply like third world Mississippi or Flint, Michigan. England has taken a look at things like our Republicans willfully ignoring a plague and putting lead in the water and shrugged and said, "Hold my beer!" Of course, any Republican you have the misfortune to know will look at the clip below and say, "Now that's what I'm talking about!!! More death! More misery! For more people!!!"

If you wish to see the gory details of the degradation of merry olde England, check out this clip of English comedian, commentator, and iconoclast. How long before England has an outbreak of cholera?