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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Hmmm, I Wonder Why Traitor Trump Doesn't Want A Speedy Trial

by Noah

I present the above meme to you just as a thought for the weekend. And, more importantly, if you find yourself in the presence of any Republicans, perhaps you could ask them why their idol is doing everything he can to delay all of his trials. After all, if he's so innocent, he shouldn't have to worry about anything other than how he can stiff his lawyers.


We're all entitled to a speedy trial. That's supposed to be as American as apple pie and a Philly cheese steak. Yeah, I know he's thinking he could pardon himself if he's convicted and then still elected or gains the White House by some other means, but the acceptance of a pardon is also a way of admitting guilt, not that in the bigger picture it would make much of a difference. So come on, Diaper Donnie, why not that speedy trial you have a right to? Come on Diaper Boy, just stop all this delay tactics stuff and get on with it. You're innocent, right? As innocent as you and your voters always claim you to be, right? Right Donnie? 



Apr 13

hey hater. keep hating. seems to be about all you can do. you're very good at it. you'd have been at home in nazi germany in the '30s and '40s and here now. that's pretty much it. it's a good thing for you that you were born when and where you were... ain't it?


Hey crapper! No shit Captain Obvious! Keep at it. Eventually you'll understand what the word rhetorical means. Whatsa matter. They didn't teach you that in Moscow troll school? Careful, the leaders of your side might have you falling out of a window if you can't get it together.


Apr 12

Easy. He's trying to not go to prison for even a day before he is declared fuhrer for life by the absence of anyone and anything worth voting for on the democrap side.

You all should thank his fear of small rooms. If he was found guilty and put in prison, he'd become a nazi martyr and would win by an extra 2 or 3 points. All talk from your side about blue tsunamis and whatever could make it 5 points as a lot more who barely care anymore stay home.

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