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Midnight Meme Of The Day! High Gas Prices By Design!

by Noah

  • Hey! I wonder how they did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hint: It wasn't just those socialistic subsidies that come from our taxpayer dollars. They double dip at the pump. So, did you drive anywhere this weekend? Did the price of a gallon of gas being in the $5.00 or more range make you angry? How about this: Always remember, the same people who believe in trained Murder Hornets, Jewish Space Lasers, and vaccines making you magnetic because of tiny nano thingies, think and want you to think that presidents can and do actually set the gas prices. In other words, "It's Biden's fault!" Two weeks ago, all House Repugs voted against an anti-price gouging bill in the House of Representatives. Their $enate counterparts will, of course, do the same because they want prices to remain high or get even higher in this election year. Big Oil is eager to cooperate, too, knowing that if both houses of Congress are in Republican control more corporate welfare and socialism in the form of subsidies and tax breaks will be granted. Meanwhile, here are the current prices of a gallon of gas in selected other countries. Maybe we should encourage Republicans to move. • Belgium - $8.10 • Canada - $6.49

  • China - $5.50

  • Denmark - 10.02

  • Finland - $9.64

  • France - $8.06

  • Germany- $8.80

  • Greece - $9.29

  • Hong Kong - $11.21

  • Israel - $8.24

  • Kuwait - $1.30

  • Netherlands - $9.20

  • Norway - $10.70

  • Qatar - $2.18

  • Saudi Arabia - $2.35

  • Singapore - $8.76

  • Sweden - $9.05

  • United Kingdom - $8.17

Hmmm, I wonder if the Danes, French, Germans,, Norwegians, etc. are blaming President Biden for the prices in their countries. Oh, and check those prices in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Could it be that OPEC has something to do with the problem?


Today is the official Juneteenth celebration day, so I wish to do something no Republican is likely to do and that is to wish you a Happy Juneteenth!

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