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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Hey Putin! Come And Get Your Boy!

by Noah

Imagine this menace to the world! All he can do is sit on his growing hemorrhoids, squirm and squirm in search of comfort and hopefully cultivate a massive stroke. No fast food hamberders. No fries that look and taste like salted deep fried pressed and shaped brown paper towels. No Diet Pepsi. Muttering under his fetid breath. Passing enough gas to fly the Hindenburg, with the same result. Trying to count the hours and minutes until he can bully someone again, maybe someone in his own family, none of which show up in support, not that any of them would ever be able to find the way even with a very long string tied to a wrist. Not even a contractor he can rip off. He's a total narcissist who has to sit there being even more exposed as he tries to process the fact that there are people in the world who can't stand him into his "I'm really smart and everyone loves me, people are saying" mantra that's always such a hit at his rallies. He's never had to really work. He's never even had to sit in a room and listen to other people. He's always just gotten up and left if someone said something he didn't like. Not this time, Donnie.

Can you imagine if he showed up in the courtroom one day and, instead of his soggy bushel of printed articles that he says exonerate him, he reached into a knapsack and started handing out his "Blacks For Trump" and "Moms for Trump" T-shirts, saving "Juries For Trump" and "Unpaid Lawyers For Trump" for last.

I don't know what this jury for this current trial will do. I don't know what John Roberts and his Nazi Krew will do (Thanks again, Chucky!). I just know that it would be oh so fitting if he was found guilty in all his trials and then dragged away by his feet, face down in the mud, and properly hung on those gallows where he wanted his cop-killing mob to hang Mike Pence. Would he understand the irony? Not a bit.


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29 апр.

A fate similar to that of hitler or mussolini would be better. but in america? where we elect our worst to be our messiah?

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