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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Hey Kyrsten! What's In The Bag?

by Noah

In keeping with the Halloween theme this week, I present to you this lovely shot of a cow-costumed $enator Kyrsten Sinema showing us that she's truly in the spirit of tricking and treating. Here she is entering the $enate, probably after a few hours of doorbell ringing on near-by K Street where she heads daily for some mutual milking sessions. Sadly, the photo doesn't show her huuuge trick or treat bag but I'm sure that, if we saw it, it would be overflowing with nice, crisp American $100 bills and maybe a few rubles, too! After all, there seems to be only one kind of bill that she's interested in. I bet her bag has some serious ball bearing wheels to handle the extra weight, too. And, I bet we paid for that bag with our tax dollars! Way to go Kyrsten!


For those of you who might think I'm being some sort of sexist for picking on the way a woman dresses, give it a rest. Long time readers know that I, of all people, am an equal opportunity inflictor of contempt when it comes to fashion sense. When it comes to that, I just work with what the target presents and I've never held back on other conservative luminaries such as Slovenly Steve Bannon, Gym Shower Jordan, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or the late food-covered Rush Limbaugh who saw everything he wore as a bib.

Oh, and people should stop giving Steve Bannon credit for the 2-Shirt thing. I've been doing that for 50 years. The difference of course is that my clothing sees the inside of a washing machine on a very regular basis.



Thanks for saying it Noah. She's a cash cow all the way and as you infer, she's milking her position for all it's worth. She's a cow alright, dropping cow pies wherever she goes.


Oct 29, 2021

more dalmatian than cow.

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