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Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Now Stands For Genius Of Putin

by Noah

A couple of days ago, Vladimir Putin, or Vlady as he is affectionately known to his Republican friends, issued a childish statement that he was going to sanction some Americans because of the sanctions placed on him by several countries. It was beyond petulant and really quite Trump-like, so no wonder Trump has always adored him.

The most interesting thing about Putin's sanctions however is exactly what actor George Takei pointed out in a tweet in response to Putin's statement. Putin only targeted members of the Democratic Party, not one Republican, none of his American assets. After all, why would he lash out at anyone in the GOP? Why would he lash out at those who have spent years kissing his ring? He, of all people, knows that the recent comments against him from Republicans aren't sincere and that they are just cover, something they feel they better do in light of the current political climate. Putin knows where their hearts really lie. He also knows that, someday, after the dust settles, and Republicans once again hold the White House and Congress, they will be right there with him, supporting their shared dreams of domination through autocracy. They are the Genius Of Putin party.



crapper, Takei is a frequent prime time guest on MSNBC so there's that, but yeah we could use a few Edward R. Murrows.

Your fixation on shit is noted.


Mar 18, 2022

making Takei, what, the Edward R. Murrow of today's america?

THAT signal could not be clearer also.

George, good. american "news" media... pure shit.

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