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Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Now Attempting To Rebrand 1/6

by Noah Kinda like saying the KKK Tiki Torch goons in Charlottesville were "Very fine people," isn't it? In Charlottesville, a Republican Nazi goon squad murdered Heather Heyer. At the Capitol Building, a like minded Trump Goon Squad murdered Officer Brian Sicknick and four other people died because of the Republican Party's attempted coup on 1/6. 140 cops were also injured. Some very seriously, with injuries running from broken bones to concussions, to one officer having an eye gouged out. "Peaceful people" did that. "Great people" did that. 1/6 was just a "normal tourist visit." Normal? Well, that's how republicans reason. Hey, isn't that a peaceful looking gallows? Isn't that a very fine noose? Imagine if the "peaceful people" of the Republican Party had actually succeeded in their goal of killing Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and also checked off a whole bunch of congresspersons on their well-known Wanted List. Would they be saying anything significantly different? Not a chance. They've made it clear that, to them, that would be a "great" and "very fine thing." They came within an inch, seconds, of doing that. They call it "making America great again." First, Republicans said 1/6 was ANTIFA that attacked. Then they said it was BLM. Next it was just tourists having a good time. Then It was patriots. Then the FBI. Now, it's "Great people." Trump people. Card-carrying Republicans. "Peaceful people." In the Republican mind, that all makes sense, but you have to be a lurid combo of pathological liar, psychopath, or at least sociopath to be a Republican. If you don't believe it, just take a good look at any Republican politician anywhere, and while you're at it, don't forget every damn one of the people that voted to have them as their representatives who speak for them. They choose people like themselves. Trump has proven once and for all time that that is the case. What Republican politicians, media propagandists, and voters alike are doing now is following his lead and rebranding 1/6. I'm surprised Republicans didn't call Oklahoma City "just a bit of urban renewal" back in 1995 but Trump wasn't in charge of their party back then. He wasn't even in their party then. Give them time. They'll get around to it and some republican congresscretin will start calling for a statue of Timothy McVeigh to be erected. Yeah, McVeigh was "just a tourist" from Michigan. This is obviously the direction it's all going in, folks. It's only a matter of time, a very short period of time, before some Trump goose stepper like Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy or Representative Paul Gosar calls for building a Republican Hall Of Heroes right in the Capitol Building. You won't even have to be an official Republican to be included. Nazis, racists, and anti-Semitics of all kinds past and present will be represented. You'll see life-size dioramas of not just McVeigh, but his motivator Newt Gingrich. You'll see Robert E. Lee right alongside that fellow traitor who, on 1/6, did what Lee couldn't do, parade around inside of the United States Capitol Building with a Confederate flag. You'll see Reagan and his "brownshirts," aka "Hard Hats." You'll see a diorama of Rudy Giuliani, too, standing at his Porta-Podium outside a re-creation of Four Seasons Landscaping with the Qraken Lady. They'll have James Earl Ray, Lester Maddox and Tucker Carlson, too. MAGA tourists will line up all the way back to Georgetown to see that, 70+ million of them!

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Jul 14, 2021

Have americans just recently gotten this stupid insane and evil... or were we always this way and we finally got the government we always deserved/wanted?

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