• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP: Jon Gruden & Pillow Guy 2024!

by Noah

Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires.

- Racist quote from recently resigned Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden about the then Executive Director DeMaurice Smith of the NFL Players Union.

This past weekend saw the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders play their game under the direction of a replacement coach after previous coach Jon Gruden was fired. It seems that ex-coach Gruden let his bigoted freak flag fly way too high, so much so that Traitor Don may have new competition for the Republican Party nomination for 2024. You think this is just an exaggeration on my part? If so, you probably thought that Traitor Don could never be elected President of the United States. Just remember, with a little help from Putin and a few Nazi CEOs, just about anything is possible in the world of politics! It also doesn't hurt when the Democratic Party's nominees so often think there's no way they can possibly lose to a lunatic.

In a league that is 70% African-American, Gruden's attitudes like the one expressed in the above quote may or may not be unique, at least among the various team owners, but they are a huge general misfit. He shouldn't worry, though. There is a place where his views fit right at home. That place is, of course, the Republican Party, so thinking that he could run as a Republican for high office isn't far-fetched. Gruden is in fact the perfect Republican Party Candidate! Gruden not only complained about women getting jobs as referees but the emails that got him fired are also chock full of racist, homophobic, transphobic, and misogynist pontifications, and yes, apparently coerced topless cheerleader photos were involved, too! In addition to the racist quote above, Gruden called NFL Commissioner Roger Godell a "faggot" for pushing to protect players from concussion damage and objected to NFL teams signing up players who he called "queers." Gruden is also known to refer to Presidents Obama and Biden as "pussies" and worse. Clearly, Gruden's charred little soul is rife with bigotry, fear and anger, ie. a perfect Republican all the way!

Gruden's emails are perfect credentials for any high position in the Republican Party! And, yes, FOX "News" is already defending them. The emails are a veritable Republican Party platform! They read like not just the inner thoughts but also the public utterances of any Republican you've ever had the misfortune to know! The man is a champion level Mister Bigly Bigot Sound Bite! He's probably got DeSantis, Pence, and Christie combing through their own email files for similar old emails that will win over Republican voters. Failing that, they'll be making up some despicable new "old emails" of their own just to compete with him! The aforementioned FOX "News" is so into Gruden that Traitor Don's big orange pumpkin head is about to explode with jealousy!

Pillow Guy for VP? Yeah, in a party that openly courts Nazis and people who appear to be escapees from mental hospitals, that's no stretch either. He's the perfect loon for Republikooks anywhere! The perfect VP candidate! Just have his makeup team glue a fly or two on his head and he's good to go. What else is there to know, and, face it, do you want to know any more? I mean, how long before we find out Pillow Guy would give Jeffrey Dahmer a run for his money. Damn. Poor Jeffrey Dahmer. If he hadn't been murdered in prison, he'd probably be Moscow Mitch's Chief of Staff by now. Oh well, there's always another perv behind the couch in Republican World!

Gruden-Pillow Guy! The perfect Republican team for 2024! "He's Lude! He's Rude! He's Crude! He's 'The Grude!' Vote Gruden-Lindell 2024!"

Oh, and by the way, Lindell predicts that Gruden will be reinstated as head coach of the Raiders in time for the Super Bowl.