• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Hero, Susan "Coathanger" Collins

by Noah

The sentient among us saw it coming. The moment Susan "Coathanger" Collins smugly told the world that she had spoken with Brett Kavanaugh and that Brett Kavanaugh would never be against Roe vs. Wade. She then cast her deciding vote to place Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. She was lying through her teeth of course. That and talking out of both sides of her mouth are two of her biggest talents and those are talents she enjoys using. Like any 5 year old, she thinks no one will notice. We did but in the end she won at least this round. Her man Brett has helped let the heinous new Texas law go into effect. Collins must be feeling especially smug right now as she plays "Man Behind The Curtain" with that Texas flag. She reeks of smugness. It's an artform with her. Maybe the Texas legislature will name a school for bounty hunters after her. I can see her doing the late night TV ads already.

Many of the idiots in the so-called "mainstream media" have been writing about the role in the recent Texas anti-Choice law of Maine $enator $usan Collins. There have been headlines saying things like "Critics Rip Susan Collins" and "Susan Collins Astoundingly Wrong About Brett Kavanaugh." However, Collins wasn't so much as wrong when she cast her vote for Brett Kavanaugh saying he would not harm a woman's right to choose. Instead, she was spectacularly evil. Always duplicitous, she knew exactly what she was doing. The "mainstream media" has, once again, proven that they have zero desire and/or ability when it comes to perception. They could have and, morally, should have called out her blatant lie about her new best friend Brett on day one. Instead, they covered for her. What else do you call knowing she was lying and just accepting her words at face value? Whatsamatter bozos? Afraid your corporate advertisers will get too upset with you?

$enate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shares some blame, too. The Roberts Court is the Roberts Court because he could have buried John Roberts in the committee hearing stage and chose not to, Instead he passed him on to the full $enate for a vote. Yeah, I know Roberts made noises about not liking how this Texas thing turned out but does anyone who is not a complete fool really believe Roberts is sincere and wouldn't have just gotten to the same result some other way? Also, Schumer has never sought, found or gotten behind an acceptable candidate who could actually beat Collins in Maine. Years and years have gone by and he's done nothing of consequence about the matter. No surprise there!

Additional Thought For The Day: Republicans creating a law that encourages turning in your neighbor or a relative for $10,000. I did nazi that coming. But, to tell the truth, I did, and there will be many more laws just like that one. Can't you see one in Florida that rewards you for turning in a parent for getting vaccinated? It won't end there. Never has and never will. What we see unfolding now is what the republican party has been aiming for since Nixon, the man whose name I used to spell with a swastika in the middle instead of an x.