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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Georgia's Betty Bitchbag Can't Recall A Thing!

You can always say, I can't remember, I can't recall.

-Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon as heard on the Watergate tapes.

by Noah She can't recall her own tweets. She can't recall her own TV appearances. She can't recall her own speeches. She can't recall her phone calls. She can't recall trying to organize efforts to overturn the 2020 election and overthrow the government. Yeah, it was all so insignificant. It was all so long ago! How could anyone possibly remember! The GOP and their Nazi propagandists like Sean Hanutty at GOP-TV love to tell us 24 hours a day that President Biden is constantly showing he has a severe case of dementia. Yet when Republican hero Marjorie Traitor Greene appeared at her first court date a few days ago, it was she who repeatedly told everyone there that she couldn't recall anything; just couldn't remember! Watching her, you had to wonder if poor little Betty Bitchbag could even remember her own name! Don't you think that you'd remember if you'd spoken to Donald Trump or anyone in the White House about overthrowing the government and imposing martial law? Damn, that girl needs some medication! Of course, maybe my patented "Power Drill Scalp Massage Treatments" would do the trick. That weido Dr. Oz got nothin' on me!

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