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Midnight Meme Of The Day! FOX'S Bret Baier: Lights On. Nobody Home

by Noah

Damn! Republicans just don't get that science thing. No wonder they hate it.

Within conservative media circles, Brett Baier of FOX "News" is considered bright but we must remember that that is just like saying that, in the House Republican caucus, Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Traitor Greene are considered to be geniuses, at least on those rare occasions when their knuckles are not hitting the ground as they stroll or swing through the halls of Congress. The dialog captured in tonight's Midnight Meme, as Baier was trying to play a typical wingnut victim card and make an anti-union point, is a typical fine example of the severely low amp brain power one can witness all day every day on FOX. If you ever just listened to Baier and Buttigieg speak back to back for five minutes, it would be easy to assume that the IQ difference between the two men is about 90 points with Baier topping out around 70 to 75. I'm somewhat surprised that people like Baier can find their way home at night.

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