Midnight Meme Of The Day! FOX News Pretends 1/6 Never Happened!

by Noah


FOX "News," aka the U.S. arm of Russian State Television, has announced with great fanfare that they will not be showing the January 6 Select Committee Hearings about the GOP's violent coup attempt. A bit strange isn't it? I mean they worked so hard to bring a coup about! They put so much effort into conditioning their viewers into being in favor of the idea of it all and tirelessly promoting the concept. Damn fair weather friends! FOX was all for it, right there with Putin, but when the coup attempt failed to reach expectations... well that became a hot potato and a different story altogether! Poor Sean Hannity and the rest of his animatronic bat guano pals! Poor Ilsa Ingraham! Poor Tucker Tiki Torch! Poor Rupert! All they can do now is try to cover up by pretending it never happened! Next thing you know, they'll all be running for office in Texas.